all these moments/ memories but i cannot and will never be able to experience them in the exact same way, ever again, and they will fade away like all others.

last night we had a rare (sorta) impromptu gathering at uncle david’s place, no staff/ distant relatives or fancy fare, just family & rly simple food and ~duRiAnS~. but last night was special- the first time uncle david drove us + cooked a dish for us, the first time i felt rly comfortable in their presence without needing to be near my mum/ eeee (LOL), the first time we had a fathers’ day celebration, the first time i saw so much joy in my grandfather, uncle robert & uncle david’s eyes.. would never have imagined this a few years ago, and.. i don’t know. life is simple. as with all other families, this one is odd and problematic, but i am honestly, and thoroughly, grateful.

‘but our memories, precious though they are, still are like sieves, and the memories inevitably leak through’ – madeleine l’engle


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