finally went for my first trip!!!
praying/ serving/ fighting/ worshipping alongside them has been such a humbling & rewarding experience, rly couldn’t have asked for a better team ahhh thank You God đŸ™‚

went for this mission trip wanting to serve & love, but God showed His love and providence and mercy and grace even more abundantly & so so amazed at how everything turned out!!!!

learnt in laos that sincerity transcends language barriers,
reminded again in indo that communication between people go beyond mere words and souls can rly connect.

no one knew what this song was about but the whole team was so moved by it??
aaaand after looking at the english translation it’s rly no wonder.. :’)

Betapa kumencintai
How I love
Segala yang t’lah terjadi
All that has happened
Tak pernah sendiri jalani hidup ini
I have never been alone in this walk of life
Selalu menyertai
But always protected

Betapa kumenyadari
How I realised
Di dalam hidupku ini
In my life
Kau slalu memberi rancangan terbaik
You have a wonderful plan
Oleh karena kasih
Because of love

Bapa, sentuh hatiku, ubah hidupku
Father, touch my heart, change my life
Menjadi yang baru
To be anew
Bagai emas yang murni
Just like pure gold
Kau membentuk bejana hatiku
You have shaped my heart

Bapa, ajarku mengerti sebuah kasih
Father, teach me to understand a kind of love
Yang selalu memberi
That always gives
Bagai air mengalir
Let it be like a flowing stream of water
Yang tiada pernah berhenti
That never ends

with 4 days burnt traveling and only 3 days of ministry one may deem this unproductive,
but what is time to the Father? and it only opened our eyes to how these people, in a remote village in west kalimantan, unconnected to the rest of the world.. are so very precious in His eyes.
the first of many more, which made everything so much clearer.

filled to overflow.. :’)


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