human appreciation post

really sad because i left my banana chips in the fridge cos i wanted to save & savour them slowly since they taste sO GOOD but it tastes different now!!!! lame first world problem and i’m not really ‘really sad’, but still quite disappointed that they don’t taste as good rn thankfully didn’t bring it out today to share it with welly hannah and mum or they wouldn’t have understood how amazing it is!!!! and also my credibility would be diminished 😐 jk LOL dk why the amt of rubbish coming out of my mouth has increased so much aft kalimantan/ phuket.

anyway! had a moment today and felt especially thankful for the people around me. for the people that send postcards or buy things from wherever they are in the world, for those who tolerate my (over)sleeping habits & forgive me when i am late/ even come to my home to wake me up LOL even though it may be quite a difficult + annoying chore, for those who drive me around (tho sometimes unwillingly), who are sincere and genuine, who remind me of the Lord, who bother to take time for time is life and all we have, for those who embarrass themselves in public with me, who call me out, who give in to me when i am stubborn (parents mostly), and so much more really. gross humans aplenty, but thankful these less gross ones are constants, and the gross ones leave lessons 🙂


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