post-phuket unemployment


visited joyce at work, got free cakes and a new job LOL yes finally gonna work when sch’s reopening in less than a mth….


aggie’s farewell… 😦 also the day coach went mad LOL

rly good matcha chiffon from dulcet & studio!!! so good!!!! try it!!!!!
dying basil 😦

also finally made pesto!!! learnt: dont b greedi with the cheese & pesto is expensive 😦


justina’s 21st 🙂

lunch @ maymay with hannah!!!!! rly liked this place!!! the brown thingy in the left bowl is fried TOFU tasted abit weird at first but it was NICE!!! and pork belly was NICE too!!! nice staff and nice place too!!! NICE!!! happy!!!!

LOL damn act @ group therapy cos couldnt find a toilet elsewhere…

went for pei en’s convocation!!! never really understood why graduating from uni was such a big deal but now i do!!! so excited for the many more convocations (& my own LOL altho i kinda wanna stay in sch forever….. but 4k/sem!!!) ahead!!!!

fennel sausage + pancetta + mozzarella *.*

super happy day cos so much good food!!! super love pizzeria mozza cos staff are super nice and thoughtful and friendly and LOVE the chewy crunchy crust and the FENNEL SAUSAGE!!! idek what that is and it tastes abit odd at first but its so yummyyyyy omg there’s another pizza with fennel sausage and scallions that’s quite nice also but THIS ONE is so ~YUMMYYYYYYY~!!! the dessert was quite ~meh~ + jelat aft awhile just get the FENNEL SAUSAGE PIZZA!!!!!!!

all creds to my auntie who introduced me to pizzeria mozzaaaaa wheeeee loveeeee

IMG_1254IMG_1258FullSizeRender 7

AND caught singing in the rain!!! which was so good!!!! brought back memories of.. me singing in crescent LOL and couldn’t stop smiling throughout the show they had such good showmanship!!! was in the ‘splash zone’ so they gave us ponchos LOL damn cute + was so funny to see everyone getting their ponchos ready when the lightning/ thunder came BAHAHAHA omg loved it so much i spent the night googling abt it LOL i think the last time i did sth like that was for Wicked…… omg wish i cld watch it again…!!

woke up at 330 today LOL #bumlyfe but anyway went to the geylang serai bazaar with monzac which was… so crowded and bad ventilation!!! BUT!!!!!!!!!! bahahahhaha so happy about this because the stupid queue was so long but super kind owner let us try these!!!!! no queue + free + the 2 flavors i wanted to try!!! BAHAHAHA thank God for kind people everywhere!!!!!

4 more days of #bumlyfe…. 😦 omg summer really rocks how do people adapt to working life after uni :-(………


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