in a week:

went to town on a PH braving both the crowd and the rain expecting salted egg pork ribs but NO it was cLOSED 😥

but at least we went to this romantic place lololollers

joy also came back woooo and also celebrated wenqi’s bday and am also back to having one job again…

my amazing planning skillz brought us here: free parking + running errands + food all in an hr clapsthxbows

also gordon’s comms ball lul

hahahAHAHA best photo of the night but looks like we were attending a wedding dinner…………

and brought the kids to the natl history museum woooo kind of missed being around kids like quite a bit…….


and also went back for tech class!!
which was fun

why am i telling you all this?/?/????
I don’t have anything important to do with my life rn weEeeEeeE
sToRy of mY lYfEeEeeE

oh also found something really interesting…..
I have a saddle bone deformity.


ok bye LOL

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