pms sucks


pms = gross skin bloated everywhere everyone hates me i hate everyone bad everything!$!!!!!!!! also appetite has been CRAY………. basically……. feel like ~lumpz~…… so walked to jelita and had cold storage therapy weEeEe super love gg to supermarkets at night and flowers 4 me and breakfast 4 me and macs 4 me and ice cream 4 me….. and yoga 2 weeeeee…. 🙂 but dont feel any better :-)))))) not sure why this pms feels so extreme :-))))) but rly want to go into the sea or to a village or i dont know just get out of thIS WORLD!!!!!!! ya ya exaggerating and being high maintenance blah BLAH BLAH everyone has so much to say….. lol just let me drown in my pms misery…….

*update* it is rly pms. LOL


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