pretended to be zong’s parents LEL and ttly fit into the kiasu proud parent role

jb b4 sch started which was so boring bcos we weren’t allowed to go out of the stupid mall…


impromptu trip to manila where i learnt more abt my family than in the last 20 yrs. always feel especially happy when three generations go on holiday tgt 🙂 and also a v bad hair day LOL. but so amazing how every trip i’ve gone on this summer brings my heart even closer to whr i shd be :’)

hc’s 21st took 10000 photos but we all look so ugly in all of them………… plopz.

making the most out of tang village b4 wen flies 😦

sob how did three months pass so quickly 😥 so much catching up to do this semester!!! can’t believe this is really happening… .. ……. but excited!!! ok bye


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