conversations with my dad usually revolve around the same things. lameo things like: how much money i am spending, where to have dinner, going to the supermarket, or him asking me where to pick me up from. an argument would be the result of an attempt to cross these boundaries.

yes people have choices, and sometimes people walk themselves into shitty situations with their choices,
but does this necessarily mean that they do not deserve help? and do not deserve to even vent their frustration?
maybe they were being irrational and completely stupid and maybe they really do deserve whatever outcome they have
but what about grace and what about compassion and
doesn’t everyone make stupid decisions
i mean like ya one should be responsible and face the consequences of their decisions but if they are emotionally financially blahblah crippled as a result of these decisions then does one just ignore them!??!?!?!
ok whatever LOL perhaps my rationality is clouded by emotion

‘he pushed the door further but hesitated entering, as if remaining outside would somehow absolve him of responsibility for whatever lay beyond.’

ANYWAY week three thoughts:

  • so so so so glad to realise tt i’m not alone!!! 😀 might have been one of the best things to happen this wk wheeee
  • or since uni started!!!!!!!!! bahahahhaa
  • rly hope i can still go for exchange it’s honestly all i’ve been looking forward to even b4 uni started………… siandoggie lol and reminded of when tpe said “are you sure it’s what God wants?” when i was rambling excitedly abt exchange and all i wanted to do…………. lol just.
  • also hope i won’t have to delay grad…… basiofjwoijfew
  • first ever tut where i talked so much and felt so comfortable weehewwwww class part woes are over!!
  • thankful 4 the exco 🙂
  • bs is actually a rly nice prof who catered dinner for us!!!! (reminder 2 myself lol)
  • saddlebone is causing my nerves to feel funny…. hope i dont die
  • should i overload next sem
  • doing everything and anything but studying!!!!
  • 6th sept………. nhs + welly leaving olordy
  • not quite sure what i’m doing

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