mno lect tday was so in line with what i’ve been thinking abt recently
(actually just one part of the lecture like maybe 10 minutes of it and by recently i mean last night lel)
but anyway i do believe we sometimes rationalise in order to make our decisions seem.. less unethical than they really are
hence the need for trustworthy ones around us to call us out
(and by we/ us i mean me)

this life is ending by the second and i am spending it typing this.

in other news, the haze is back and it makes me want to stay in air con all day……….
not that you don’t already know about the haze or that staying in aircon all day is an insurmountable challenge since life = school dance & work which all happen indoors
but where has all the time gone?! don’t understand why i always seem to lack time when really dance only happens thrice a week and work only happens like once or twice a week……………….
been floating arnd leading a meaningless existence ever since the semester started……….

ok maybe the semester hasn’t been THAT eventless since we finished slf herelah open classes auditions induction casting………………. but u kno heart isnt there and it feels like i’ve just been floating past everything…………………… meh

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