You call me out upon the waters,
the great unknown, where feet may fail
and there i find You in the mystery
in oceans deep, my faith will stand

and i will call upon Your name,
and keep my eyes above the waves,
when oceans rise
my soul will rest in Your embrace,
for i am Yours, and You are mine

Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your sovereign hand
will be my guide
where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You’ve never failed You won’t start now

never really saw the gravity of ‘when oceans rise and thunders roar’ until phuket this year where we faced crazy waves, which became legitly scary at one point when the boat was tilting > 45degs and everyone had gotten so used to the waves by then so they were asleep. but i was awake thinking about what i would do if the boat capsized, thinking about how it would be pretty hard to find us because all i saw was sea, about how easy it was to disappear, about how it would feel like being face to face with a 10 ft wave, about what it would be like being at sea for an extended period of time – about how i would be forced to place my life completely in His control.. and realised i couldn’t.

this song was always pretty special,
but then it took a completely new meaning there

but how gracious He is to our inadequacies and our selfish human self
and how could i respond with anything apart from gratefulness


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