3am woes

zzzzsob been waiting for these stupid videos to upload for the last 30 minutes.
and just came to the realisation that even though we’ll finally be done with NAC by this week, Internals still has to happen + mission trip planning is starting 😯 😕 😯 and finals o my mama and i still can’t stop watching my shows… & my essays are not progressing!!!!! oh God……….. T_T but honestly feel q accomplished teehee just need to settle venues and let everything happen magically!!! lol who am i kidding….. but i hope no problems come up in nov plsplsplspls 😥

saw this quote by Andrew Carnegie today LOL #motivation?

People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents

no not really LOL

lol ok im crazy
wth the uploading is not even making any progress……. maybe i should cut them anyway the real items aren’t gonna be so long…. but i don’t want to….

maybe i should just upload it tomorrow………….
wow i’m really talking to myself

oh just thought of another woe (ya no it’s not really WOE-worthy but just) like can ppl stop telling me that they are behind on readings pls lel havent even been printing readings anymore n just struggling to complete assignments……… actually no ppl can continue telling me that but just………… i dont know how to respond u know????? u feelin me????

ya actually im just talking nonsense because the stupid upload is not moving at all zzzzzz

bye………. tgif…. yay


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