the forge

so in retrospect the week seemed pretty ~ok~:

  • got my sundays back!! but spent the first one sleeping eating and coming up with a crappy essay………. owell
  • went grocery shopping a few times… in different cold storages!! *.* favourite therapeutic activity of all time
  • ate some nice food
  • realised im still doing ok in school……….. hopefully LOL
  • had an interview which turned into a really insightful conversation
  • done with budget!!!! or at least i think so LEL
  • cell was good

so even tho i went through the whole week in a daze and woke up late everyday and didnt learn anything & felt so crappy (even wednesday wasn’t inspiring), iT WAS ALL GUD~

excited!! for the week ahead!! by the end of the week most assignments would’ve been DONE, macau would’ve been settLED (lel hopefully), internals rehs would have started, and my new baby cousin wld have turned one mth old!!! & writers fest! and first vietnam mt meeting!! 😀 & reunion with the kalimantan team!!! 😀 i also included yoga + running in the plan but that never really works out so. OH and hopefully pay for Oct would be in!! :DDDDDDDD also i think it’s the last week of tutorials WEW. WHAT AN EXCITING WEEK INDEED……!!!!! but maybe i am just dramatizing everything LOL ok bye

oh i am also going to shower in cold water for a week.

Remember: no one has a problem with the first mile of a journey. Even an infant could do fine for a while. But it isn’t the start that matters. It’s the finish line.


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