transferred photos to mac & extra nostalgic looking @ photos of laos so i went to look at the facebook albums and eveN MORE NOSTALGIC T_T
miss the place:IMG_9827

hahahha stupiak paths that always get muddy and gross when it rains. still rmb when cheryl and i went cycling with anna & goong & anna took over bcos i was cycling too slowly and when i was cycling back i got stuck in the mud and the whole bike fell HAHAHA + anna too


afternoon were soOoOoO long we killed time hitchhiking from one end of the village to the other
ah chan’s daughter (damn naughty lol look she doesnt even wear uniform to sch) & reminded of super lazy ah chan & his motorbike & him being shirtless & yingyi LOL


:-(((((( anna & goong who taught me most of the lao i know LOL and peng who was super sticky and aloy whose smile is damn cute bcos he’s bogay LOL :-(((((((((((((((((((( ahh hope they all grow up well

:’) happy family!!!!


LOL nuk & mosquito nets remind me of how he used to run around all the beds in the morning while some of us were still sleeping and his hands were ALWAYS dirty like either bcos he was eating mango or bcos he was eating some other oily shit but ALWAYS dirty and gross then he would smear it all over ur mosquito nets or sleeping bags if he gets in or on U…. lol and bernice catching a huge spider that was in my net :’)

IMG_9737IMG_9845miss the routine which became rly comfortable: mornings = construction + double black/ honey lemon, afternoons were classes with the kids + super lots of chill time… which was exciting at first bcos exploring a new village! all the possibilities! cycling! water! cows! ducks! trees! but meh after awhile….. spent all the time talking and talking and talking. at first we tried looking for coOl spots to chill but after awhile we got lazy and stayed in the house instead… dying in the heat…. unless it was raining which also = blackouts…. but still rmb the day with the craziest rain when e/t were stranded at some random shop and we couldn’t save them LOL and singing in the hall and getting seriously frustrated because 20 people in a tiny hall with nothing to do and crazy rain for the whole bloody afternoon…………. and nights = dinner and the house being invaded with kids and reflections (and b + e ALWAYS taking like 2 hours to finish their personal reflections LOL) and the bathing olordy and supper :’) oMAMA i cantT_T

the day we escaped and went into a cave totally unprepared and saw legit bromance (ok beauts friendship) between 2 people who didn’t even understand much of what each other were saying but :’)
ahHhHhHh blue skies and mountains everyday everyday everyday E V E R Y D A Y!!! but nvr rly appreciated them until the day we went up to the field to plant rice T_T
Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
THIS!!!!! will nvr forget this omg so cheap and so good and this woman especiallY!!!!


& miss the people like everyone who rly felt like family during the 3 wks

ok can’t believe i just spent so much time thinking abt this lol but srsly think i’ll rmb this for life (unless i get dementia) but then agn i rmb alot of things also la LOL.

then went on to think abt other random moments, and phuket, and w.kalimantan, and taiwan, and korea, and japan, and it is the first time i feel so.. upset?? sad?? about not being able to experience the exact same moments ever again. like i’ve never thought about what it would be like to go back in time and experience something again like even tiny things like dinner at auntie kymm’s or a lecture or our dive experience and the crazy choppy seas……. and omg i rly wish that was possible……………

ok talking alot probably didn’t meet my talking quota tday bcos spent half the day being miserable but bad day turned good bcos huge saladstop wrap, new friends, dance with nice company, and didnt need to take public transport home!! hurhur bye tmr is a brand new day which i will need to spend studying

may we never lose our wonder,
may we never lose our wonder.
wide eyed and mystified,
may we be just like a child
staring at the beauty of our King


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