2015/ 2016

looked at my 2014/ 2015 post and was reminded again of how 2014 was such a good year but can’t really say the same about 2015 cos i don’t remember much………… and the end of the year felt so crappy…….


in 2015: changed my major, picolove in Laos, went diving (!!), first mission trip, got closer to my extended family, traveled to Manila and Taiwan, first show with DE (emcc (i think)), exco…….., was overwhelmed, and ended the year with another mission trip 🙂 Vietnam really completed the year, and couldn’t help but compare it to Kalimantan, but they were so different and i spent (almost) every day there weeping like a baby lel. ok don’t really have much to say. don’t feel especially grateful for anything in particular, and it feels like i stumbled through the year, but i guess it was really grace that brought me through.

and so i ended 2015 more broken than i thought even possible, but in a good way.
it’s not that i feel gr8 about it. lel honestly, feeling apprehensive and quite bleh, but He is God and i am me and resisting or struggling will end up pointless anyway and ya His purposes are good so. 20 years living this way and it feels like the beginning of a new life.
ok evidently failing at putting how im feeling in words, but He has been good……

and yes. 2016.



this is quite apt

Psalm 139.

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