joined by a common heart’s cry

Have only known most of the Vietnam team for ~a year, but gatherings are always a safe space for vulnerability, filled with heartfelt conversations and love for one another, for others, and for God. How precious to have this group of people to do life with – to laugh, cry, serve, and pray with, where walls are broken down and support is found. & maybe 40 years later, we’ll be playing Bingo as retirees 🙂

Should get this down before I forget – lower delta visitation today left me burdened and quite heavy hearted. Didn’t really see the value in it the first time I went, but sort of do now. Perhaps what we need isn’t a remedy, or for one to pull us out of the pits, but for one to sit with us and journey together. I hope I never forget, even in future when I may have become a more seasoned practitioner, that it is always, always a privilege when others decide to reveal even a glimpse of themselves and their story.

Supposed to spend the night packing my room + emptying the wardrobe but ended up watching tv…. LEL

So half of Jan has already passed and 2016 has been: quite the same, with nightly binges and TV, but also different – new perspectives and new focus. becoming more serious about reading the Bible, being pushed to face myself, and being forced to think during dance.

stay grounded.



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