zzz ant invasion in my room. idk how many years later and i’m still spending so much time trying to figure out where the stupid ant hole is. i hope they haven’t made a home in the terrarium because that would mean exile for the terrarium. another reason to declutter!!

am not sure if i have irrational beliefs abt friendship but should probably take the time to think about it soon. & i get the whole low maintenance thing but with 0 effort and 0 time, you can hardly maintain a relationship at all. it’s almost like having to get to know someone all over again after a few months since we are constantly changing, yet one could hold the same dated understanding of another and see no need to alter it at all? and the missing of important milestones in life! i do believe that there are moments you cannot make up for, big or small. perhaps i have found an irrational belief. how many people do you really need in your life at any one time?

still drowning in all the drama that happened today oh god. why do people waste energy on such stupid things like hello not busy enough? is this what a ‘toxic’ person is? what a harsh label to place on someone though.

self-centeredness is so repulsive.

cut cut cut declutter declutter declutter!!!!

so upset about the ants still…… but too tired to look for their home z z z z shall do it on……. lol maybe next week.

not sure when being ‘busy’ became something to boast about? how do you even know you’re going anywhere with all that?

craftholic is starting to grow on me although it is flowery and gay.



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