a song can rise from the ashes of a broken life

was prompted to take the bus to sgh instead of taking the train, which reminded me of what i have missed out on/ neglected in my busyness. would usually either 1) train because  rushing from place to place/ ownself think i am damn busy and want to save time LOL or 2) cab because lazy to walk into sgh and risk the time getting lost. Have been far too pampered with friends who drive/ living so near school and church. As the bus went past the older estates it felt like time rly slowed down. Maybe because it was a really long time LOL the bus ride was close to an hour even though outram is <15 minutes away from my place by car…. but what a reminder.

and my heart ached a little. for the old man on the motorbike, with his shoes and bottle tied to the back of his bike. i wondered if that was all or most of his possessions. for the old lady sitting at some random spot who asked me for money. for the uncle who fell on the bus because it moved when he was trying to keep hiz ezlink card. for the number of elderly who were walking in and out of sgh alone. looked at the flats and imagined hundreds of families and thousands of human beings….. with the realisation again that we cannot save everyone. and i wonder if i will have the courage to stay in this profession.

said a prayer for those i saw, and those i may have missed out.
and in that hour i felt more alive than i have in the longest time


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