was stalking this random dude on facebook and realised that i am not that wEird/ odd for thinking about friendships i.e. how friendships are maintained, whether length of friendship matters, why they choose to be friends with a certain person. plagarise abit because i am no writer:

But honestly, it doesn’t matter. Because it is easy to let go.

Just stop replying. Stop asking one another out. And we drift, apart, away. It isn’t like the primary school, ‘I don’t friend you!’, its just…silence. And silence needs to be filled up, either with whatever story you would craft for your friend or with more silence. Because people do disappear without explanations. Because we are all drifting in and out of each other’s consciousness. Because it is easy and convenient to let go.

Then I started recalling, all the whatsapp groups we created for project group meetings, or facebook groups for whatever purpose. Name it, we all have it. Tons of it. They all have expiry dates, but it doesn’t die after the function is exhausted. Its just there. Like an empty shell. Emptied of it’s presence, void of it’s essence.

Maybe life is collecting all these empty shells. And maybe all friendships are like these shells, there but empty.

It was nice while the connection existed at that moment though. Really, I mean it. Yet how I wish these once filled up shells stop emptying itself.

Then again, empty shells aren’t that bad. Yes, when you look inside you see an empty shell. But if you put your ear to it, you will hear the shell singing the silence back into your soul and memory.

came home to find 5 ants on my table….. googled about ants last night and apparently they are scout ants, and for every one scout ant you see, there are probably a thousand others somewhere in your home… which is also their home……….. ugh. keep forgetting to buy Terro which google says is effective. wonder why i haven’t seen any ants in NTUC/ cold storage before??? shall go on an ant hunt there some day.

this song reminds me of the lion king for some reason but quite addictive

decisions, decisions….

can’t wait for summer but first have to get through weeks 8 9 10 11 12 13!??/?!?!? :S


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