one of the best takeaways from Vietnam was the realisation/ revelation/ reminder (?) that the Lord knows me, so much better than I know or ever will know myself. and He reminds me in such unexpected ways, but ever so gently.

Placement results out today which was really ~bleh~ when I realised the people arnd me got their first choice/ MY first few choices, n i got my last choice hurhur. was actually in a dilemma choosing between fsc for greater exposure + more general + the environment at CC, and hospital bcos msw, and with close to no idea about the sups/ working environment/ what would be best for me in the long run….. i committed it to the Lord. so when results came out i was ermz taken aback because erm God did you make some mistake??? was this really where He wanted me to go?? and realised that maybe I didn’t really commit this decision to the Lord because my gut reaction wasn’t like “oh that’s great You must have some plan for me, You know best!”, but ERMZ it wasn’t where I wanted to go…… so i google lah about the place because i should be thankful i even got a slot right???

and then i realised that He does really know best :’)
centre for single elderly that are eligible for nursing homes but wish to remain in the community, and it even provides medical and nursing care!? it’s funny bcos I couldn’t choose between community/ medical setting, and He gave me a cross between both, which is in line with what I personally believe in (community care is the way 2 go esp when family units are unable to provide care and esp in old age). and it is the first centre to take such an approach hurhur what are the chances… so I am quite excited, and quite amazed, and also grateful.

God has the best helicopter vision hurhur plus can see the desires of our heart so You are clearly the best planner.. 🙂


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