on the edge

last week and murphy’s law strikes…. thought i understood ‘anything that can go wrong will go wrong’ and thought i would be unfazed but NOPE. it’s almost like all these disasters were planning an attack and sUrPRISEEEEE! 2 assignments due in a few days but that is srsly the least of my worries…. at least i know now that management is really not my kind of thing – i’d be burdened to death and die of high blood pressure or something…. if it’s even possible. i know i’ll survive this week but i just think it is so ludicrous that everything can go so wrong. and that the other 7o+ people involved in this production aren’t even aware of all these mini heart attacks i get every single day and just take everything for granted. as jy said, it is rly a luxury to be able to go for reh w/o having to worry about anything else.

would say nothing can faze me now but not gonna jinx it
oOoOOoOOoo just finished the whole tub of ice cream lel in 2 nights……. stress eating is so real

NONETHELESSSSSS so thankful for God’s grace and the anGelZzzZ around me who make sure i never feel like i’m in this alone, even on worse days with panic attacks and mindless ranting :’) know i shouldnt be wasting time on this but it’s not like i’d be able to do anything with this crazy headache lel


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