mess is mine

some days i am reminded of how much i can’t stand human beings. the human condition??? lol actually i dont even know what this human condition is exactly just act abit chim only. and then i wonder why i’m even in a helping profession but then again i really do love human beings (sometimes? most of the time?) and it’s not anyone’s fault that we are human beings and sinners right??? idek…… as a friend said……. ‘life. always in tension.’ lel human beings are too complicated and there is often too much left unspoken “CHEE BA BOOM!!!!!!”

ice cream chips and maggi all in a night’s work yuuUpPz go hard or go home~~sobz gna gain all that pre evo weight back i guess stress has its benefits too like eating less because u r too damn tired to move

always feel a little part of my heart sting when we talk about parentification and triangulation and being a rescuer hmMmMmMzz zzZzzzzzZZZZZzzz hate it when all these resurface like over and out forever pls!!!!!!!

zzzzzzzz ankle has been dead hello pls stop

i just really want to read a light frivolous book that does not make me look into myself and does not require me to use my brains

ya my brain is in a mess


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