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have come to the sad realisation that i def. will not be able to finish both my HK show and DOTS in these 2 weeks….. well i guess u can’t have it all………. but ok shall just finish the HK show cos u gotTA FINISH WHAT U STARTED right?!??!?! 😆 So anyway i was just watching the HK show and there were some people who wanted to force a girl into prostitution, so they locked her up in some abandoned hut and starved her and she survived for like >5 days yet refused to give in!  are we victims of circumstance??? honestly dk if i would be able to last so long under the same circumstances? survival or pride?????? or is it more than that?? i think the recent hk shows have been quite nice leh……….. 😀 ok nobody cares but i dont care abt that

so it’s wk 13 and time to chiong for finals agn!!!! one of my favourite periods of time (since like secondary sch i realised) cos you’re so free and all you have to do is study!! no projects or assignments or cca and other random things to worry abt cos everything put on hold for exams right….. and you finally meet people you havent had the time to meet during the semester it’s like a big happy reunion in the library (or wherever u choose to study at la) ^^ erm my pattern is more or less the same every exam la: excited to study, start studying, get distracted by random thing like tv or yoga or something, start panicking, study again, go a little mad nearer to the date, reach a stage of acceptance…… blah blah blah

think i became darker… like dont even know from what maybe from having a black face all day?? 😀 lel ok stupid bye

may tmr/ TDAY be a good and productive day

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