uhh weird?

erm this is a really odd night was reading abt the circadian rhythm and feeling usually bloated (only ate 1 pau + 2 dumplings + 1 butter bun + quadratinis + milk?! k seems like alot in retrospect…… but ok) AND ANYWAY so suddenly there was liquid coming out of my nose and i thought it was some intense mucus or what but NO its blood LOL haven’t had a nosebleed in idek how long and this was intense like a stream of blood does it mean too heaty or what??? LOL dont dare to take the tissue paper out of my nose now hALP k not like anyone can help just gna look for my trusty m8 aka google. ooOOoOOOOoOOO by-elections on 7 may just thinking if i lived there then i wld be able to vote by now!!!! rly wna take a photo of my bloody tissues but it’s weird to do that right. and the past 2 days have been so unproductive zzzzz T_T

Done is better than perfect. If you look back unashamed at something that you did in the past, you waited too long.

what an exciting age we are entering!! so nice to see your friends and acquaintances (fb rox) starting to pursue things they deem important/ worth it 😀 and i love how at this age and stage in life we are relatively free to fail. i guess this is debatable too but if not now, then when?

been thinking about contentment and ambition.. does being ambitious mean you can never be contented? can you be contented yet have ambition at the same time? does being easily contented mean you lack ambition? or do they actually have no link at all lol

just took the tissue out and the bleeding hasnt stopped LOL WTS

hmmMmmmmMMMmmmmMmm i think one thing abt doing SW is that it has made me more sensitive to the underlying messages of ‘lol u actually learn such basic things?’ ‘these things are so simple anyone could do them’ ‘lol talk to people only need to study one meh’ and i think it bothers me the most when they come from people i’ve actually bothered talking to abt what we do. lol salaries are rising but it doesn’t change the way people value this work. ya lah everyone also like to say it’s meaningful, but so simple anyone also can do right? and how will a small fry ever reach policy level right just one of the cogs plus if u had a brain u would go straight up and change those policies HOR? k lah abit kua zhang LOL just rambling bye.


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