“The taunts, the insults, the punishments, the attacks have been unrelenting. But I do not bow to those who mock me nor will I bend to those who attack me. I will not kneel before them because one cannot stand up for one’s principles, for one’s beliefs and for one’s people on bended knees.

As long and as hard as the struggle has been, I walk with my head held high. I can do this because it doesn’t matter who the PAP says I am. What matters is God knows who I am, my wife and my children know who I am, and, most important, I know who I am.

…An Lyn, E Lyn and Shaw Hur, as you watch this rally at home, I want to tell you that there are many things in life that I want to teach you as a father. But the most important lesson that I can impart to you is that we don’t ruin others in order to rise up, we don’t step on others dreams in order to fulfill ours, and we don’t ridicule others for not being like us.

Instead, we lift up our friends, we extend a hand to strangers and we forgive our enemies. We do what is good so that others may see the goodness in our hearts and want for themselves what they see in us. That is character. I want you never to forget this lesson.”

oOooOOoo ouch


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