just be

from some random person:

When I told my mom I passed, she just said,

“I know. I know you would pass”

Then it hit me. She will never know how big of a failure I felt. To her, I’ll always be her daughter who will eventually pass tests or sort things out. Even if I voiced this out to her, she might think I’m exaggerating (which I may be). My point is, when I was in between tests and re-tests, the feeling of being a failure is real.

when you rarely, if ever, feel enough.

week 8 and doubting myself more than ever before. 

Sometimes happiness is found in letting things go; when you don’t fight too hard, when you don’t obsess over things you can’t control and when you don’t try to change something that is fixed or something that will not be adjusted according to your own frame of expectations.


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