weekend: char siew! siu yuk! 35 degs!

never in my life have i eaten so much meat…. but the best roast goose duck chicken EVERYTHING at Kam’s Roast Goose!! best!! also went to lkf lOL not everyday you get 3 generations drinking tgt hurhur. Sat was a horrible day – walked for 2 hours in 35deg heat and 85% humidity erm……. but o well it was nice reuniting with the auntie although we all gained weight from this weekend…………..

last 3 days and suddenly it seems like there is so much to do n so little time lol… the irony. think i went a little overboard with the ‘last week of placement so must celebrate!!’, and erm haven’t done quite alot of work LOL 2 days left to chiong letS GO.

hydronephrosis, something to learn each day.

les mis was q meh but themes of redemption love forgiveness justice and guilt still came through and… ya

oh god already in holiday mood RN… i am a horrible student/ worker

how is it that i am living in complete comfort and at the same time there are others fighting for their lives and journeying idk how many miles to seek asylum ughhhhofiafdsjkmawlf


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