learning, leaning

CRAY CRAY WK n went a little mad with fieldtrip, nhs, rehs, vetting, work, lit review n sch alLLlLlL in one week, and with self doubt + weariness creeping in. thought i was gonna die but it was really His grace and providence that got me through. even felt some inexplicable joy during some of the most tiring moments which is seRIOUSLY ODD for me especially… so i am really grateful n came out with some lessons learnt 🙂

read this last week that left a few timely reminders:

Before I climb out of bed and let my feet hit the floor, confess my sins and my weaknesses and mentally lean on him. Carry me, Lord, so I can accomplish Your goals.

Before I gaze into a mirror or look at a screen or to a single thing of this world, pray that he will show me his glory and goodness today. That I will see it. And that I will reflect it.

As the world and the day get louder and louder, remember to stop and listen for the Spirit over the noise. Learn to recognize him.

When I find myself growing weary, run to my God any way I possibly can. Not to the world or to myself, but to him. Whether I read his words, worship him, pour out my heart to him, or ask his Spirit to pray on my behalf because I just can’t. And then repeat over and over again, until my mind effortlessly wanders to him.


don’t post much abt food places but had lunch at the lokal today to celebr8 and food was gr999!?!!? they do their own butter, smoked salmon, yogurt and some other stuff i didn’t try but hooomai it was rly worth it yum yUMM almost finished the huge blob of butter and the scrambled eggs WOWWW so creamy and yummy TEEHEE and staff were nice too so will be back for more MORE MORE!!! yummmmmm

Also really thankful i’m doing NHS comm even though it’s erm very time consuming and crazy exhausting. so grateful we had volunteers who were genuine in their efforts.. but were faced w/ many rejections and abit of an expectation gap since we weren’t really serving the most needy….. but it was rly worth it in the end, discovering residents who weren’t known to the doctors/ medical services, and some who needed urgent social assistance. these were only <15 individuals out of the hundreds screened, but each life so precious and worth all the effort and time. so happy wheeee and thankful for a gr8 comm that works so well together and stays calm in last minute wrecks cos i turn into a wreck at those times lellllll wheeee say until NHS is over but actually only TJ screening is over and we have to do TJ follow up + MT vol trng and screening and follow up……………… ha HA but im excited!!!! 😀


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