reveal just where you are

ever since placement when the stupid drama started and i had the conversation with my sup about crying, crying now is a whole new experience that sets off a whole chain of ‘why am i crying’ ‘am i sad? where are all these tears from?’ ‘what am i feeling’ ‘am i suppressing something?’ ‘is it something in my subconscious?’. self awareness is necessary, but can get so tiring, sometimes. when you don’t have the answers and go around in circles

the village may think that i’m crazy
or say that i drift too far
but once you know what you like well there you are
you are your father’s daughter, stubbornness and pride
mind what he says but remember, you may hear a voice inside
and if the voice starts to whisper, to follow the furthest star
moana that voice inside is who you are

the people you love will change you
the things you have learnt will guide you
and nothing on earth can silence, that quiet voice still inside you
and when that voice starts to whisper..
moana, you’ve come so far, moana listen
do you know who you are?

so why?


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