calling me away

home, to others

been thinking more about what home means to me after coming here, esp in the first few weeks of school when uncertainty seemed to be this dominant dark cloud…. but it seems this place is becoming more and more like home oh no. i guess we are just going from one temporary home to another in this lifetime until we go back to the Father

also have to say that i did so well for PT midterms BAHAHAHAH granted it was an easy midterm and the average was like 84 lol what is up with this place seriously, but anyway im just happy because my TA said ‘well done’ while passing it to me and if u know the number of times i have been embarrassed bcos him in class…… i am convinced he hates me, even more so now since i’ve ponned discussion classes for the past few weeks… anyway those 50 minute discussion classes are like the most nervewracking NIGHTMARES for me.. going round the class to talk about how we think about texts isnt the best experience for an incoherent ball of conflicting thoughts esp. when u arent even taking school seriously here and dont read said texts…. seriously considering disappearing from discussion classes forever but meeting my TA (IN EVERY SINGLE LECTURE) gets a little awkward…


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