SF + tahoe

first meal when smart friends decided it would be a good idea to walk around a foreign country at midnight…… totally.. freaked.. out…

@ tartine where everything tasted SO GOOD T_TTTTTT esp dat morning bun YUM

met our first friend abroad yay what comfort :-)))))) haiz 5 months later my face is twice that size….

thankfully we had nice weather :-)))) which continued throughout the trip thanks U Lord for looking out for us :-))))

50c polo buns :-)))))) not v nice but cheap thrill lol

THIS WAS SO GOOD LOVE IT I LOVE IT eat this!! when u r in SF!!

visited wen’s apt and had more food

think we spent like the whole day walking and eating in SF….. but SF was pretty memorable it was the first time my suaku self saw so many homeless people and smelt weed everywhere…

bye bye comfort of a familiar face in a foreign place

backseat companions

scenery change!!! we r reaching!!

saw people stop here so we did too, what beautyyyyyyyfulllllll

lake tahoe was beauts wish we could have spent more time there 😦 felt safe there too hurhur. those were the days i fell asleep at 10pm everyday… this was also where we were dumb enough to pour hot water on our windshield in an attempt to melt the frost.. AND EVERYTHING FROZE HAHAHAHLOL panicked and drove to the supermarket nearby to buy some huge bottle of blue liquid only to realise we didnt need it.. thanks kind stranger. we eventually learnt how to defrost + scrape it all off. life lessons.

so scared i will forget most of everything that happened, memory u funny thing



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