stopping in the middle of nowhr to take a gazillion photos but i doooo miss these moments

miles and miles of nothing

coffee stop in sacramento 😀

survived the scary drive up!! n it actually wasnt as scary as i imagined it to be lol ptsd from that mountain in australia..

appreciate traveling with these two tons more after spring break…….

n stargazing haizzzz

n we r HERE!!!!

this was where hannah slipped and fell on her butt HAHAHAHA. also where we almost drove down lol

trees from afar

wallpaper shots that everyone takes but it was rly quite nice

the huge sequioa trees were my favourite doesnt this look magical :'((((((

still one of my favourite days :’) only wish we stayed for longer


haiz let me stay here forever

sigh doesnt this whole thing look perfect………………

this was one of our best stops foR SUREEE and we prayed soooooo hard for good weather and safety and u know stuff like that. and we even saw a rainbow!! 😀 only wish we were there for longer and in spring or fall or something so we could camp/ hike there hAIZ. if ever i go back (which will be like idk 1000 years later or smth)….. better not say so soon. wish i could relive those moments u kno looking up at those trees and sitting by the river n feeling like i could disappear for awhile in this huge huge world. thank God for snapchat videos!!!!!! this is making me sad i liked this place alot bye


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