this weekend was so enjoyable, so sad that work starts again tmr….. love my job but am just a nua sai…. T_TTT dREADED tech/ casting and rly thought i was gonna DIE during class lol but finally met welly again + ended early and didnt have to rush to church *\^^/* also reunited w reubs n gordon, don’t know how we r still friends but actually v grateful leh i nv expected to stay in contact w/ anyone outside of softball.. God works in funny ways. n today was GR8!! went for dim sum and coffee with mum n decided to go for a massage and get aftn beers HURHUR plus it rained n the weather was nice enough for us to sit outdoors n even managed to nap before meeting dad for dinner yay 😀 what a nice day full of food and fat, just like in boston just +1000000 more people and buildings everywhere~ BUT ok back to work tmr which iz also the halfway point of placement. feeling a stronger sense of urgency n each day becomes even more precious.. hAIZ wish placement was longer…. but have to rmbr- clients before learning. am sitting much better with uncertainty which is something to celebrateeeeee? cant wait to start work for real leh


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