stepping back into a place of quiet and rest,

it’s timeeeeeee,

about time actually.

it’s been 10 months since. thank You Jesus for Your lovingkindness and patience. You have been so, so kind to me. may my life from this day reflect this.

10 years late n hooked onto gilmore girls at the weirdest time….
also havent exercised in ~2 weeks and it feels i’ll soon even walking will make me breathless…… monday shall b the day..!!!

why do people think social work is an easy job and think it appropriate to tell me how to go about doing my job when i share cases with them? 😡

but i will never get an answer so gooDBYEEEE

haiz when i finally wna complete this assignment fEVER STRIKES. Srsly been down almost everyday since placement ended. Help. Diarrhea……. help….

/THIS WK i said ‘life sucks’ like maybe 10000x times hais have taken my health for granted for the past idk how many yrs.. 😦 not like im v healthy lol but havent been stuck in bed for 3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS before hAIS and placement portfolio due on mon hais what is this migraine WHAT IS IT……… anyways everyone says my hair is ugly i also think it is not ideal hais haiSSSSS

thinking abt death again- not my own, but of those around me. it’s been long. could eternity really be enough with only Jesus and no other?