can’t seem to sit myselfĀ down and reflect on the past week at work. got my bearings and ready for the remaining weeks ahead, i think? v excited to learn šŸ™‚ getting used to singapore also took waaaay less time than expected? alr ate prawn mee + fishball mee + chicken rice + zichar + popiah + sHAO ROU + steamboat lol a little overkill need some veggies to dETOX…….. but feels like i’ve been back way longer than a week T_TTT soon i will forget how i used to liveĀ and get around there and stop asking people ‘how are you’ and the past 5 months would have been as good as a ~dream~



stopping in the middle of nowhr to take a gazillion photos but i doooo miss these moments

miles and miles of nothing

coffee stop in sacramento šŸ˜€

survived the scary drive up!! n it actually wasnt as scary as i imagined it to be lol ptsd from that mountain in australia..

appreciate traveling with these two tons more after spring break…….

n stargazing haizzzz

n we r HERE!!!!

this was where hannah slipped and fell on her butt HAHAHAHA. also where we almost drove down lol

trees from afar

wallpaperĀ shots that everyone takes but it was rly quite nice

the huge sequioa trees were my favourite doesnt this look magical :'((((((

still one of my favourite days :’) only wish we stayed for longer


haiz let me stay here forever

sigh doesnt this whole thing look perfect………………

this was one of our best stops foR SUREEE and we prayed soooooo hard for good weather and safety and u know stuff like that. and we even saw a rainbow!! šŸ˜€ only wish we were there for longer and in spring or fall or something so we could camp/ hike there hAIZ. if ever i go back (which will be like idk 1000 years later or smth)….. better not say so soon. wish i could relive those moments u kno looking up at those trees and sitting by the river n feeling like i could disappear for awhile in this huge huge world. thank God for snapchat videos!!!!!! this is making me sad i likedĀ this place alot bye

SF + tahoe

first meal when smart friends decided it would be a good idea to walk around a foreign country at midnight……Ā totally.. freaked.. out…

@ tartine where everything tasted SO GOOD T_TTTTTT esp dat morning bun YUM

met our first friend abroad yay what comfort :-)))))) haiz 5 months later my face is twice that size….

thankfully we had nice weather :-)))) which continued throughout the trip thanksĀ U Lord for looking out for us :-))))

50c polo buns :-)))))) not v nice but cheap thrill lol

THIS WAS SO GOOD LOVE IT I LOVE IT eat this!! when u r in SF!!

visited wen’s apt and had more food

think we spent like the whole day walking and eating in SF….. but SF was pretty memorable it was the first time my suaku selfĀ saw so many homeless people and smelt weed everywhere…

bye bye comfort of a familiar faceĀ in a foreign place

backseat companions

scenery change!!! we r reaching!!

saw people stop here so we did too, whatĀ beautyyyyyyyfulllllll

lake tahoe was beauts wish we could have spent more time there šŸ˜¦ felt safe there too hurhur. those were the days i fell asleep at 10pm everyday… this was also where we were dumb enough to pour hot water on our windshield in an attempt to melt the frost.. AND EVERYTHING FROZE HAHAHAHLOL panicked and drove to the supermarket nearby to buy some huge bottle of blue liquid only to realise we didnt need it.. thanks kind stranger. we eventually learnt how to defrost + scrape it all off. life lessons.

so scared i will forget most of everything that happened, memory u funny thing


seeking can be such a trap sometimes. happiness, or status, or money, or meaning, or good. even good. and it all leads to nothing but wanting even more. i am satisfied in You.

sitting outdoors in spring isĀ one of the best feelings :-)))))))0

Let my sighs give way to songs that sing about Your faithfulness
Let my pain reveal Your glory as my only real rest
Let my losses show me all I truly have is You

/how many circles can i walk in before i give up looking
how long before im lost for good
it must be possible to swim in the ocean of the one you love without drowning
it must be possible to swim without becoming water yourself
but i keep swallowing what i thought was air
i keep finding stones tied to my feet – sarah kay/


How does a moment last forever?
How can a story never die?
It is love we must hold onto
Never easy, but we try
Sometimes our happiness is captured
Somehow, our time and place stand still
Love lives on inside our hearts and always will


people i want to remember meeting in orlando: jonathan, our airbnb host who sleeps on a couch when his place is booked. he moved from venezuela but all of his best friends moved to spain- we think that is why he got a dog. sometimes he walks her three times a day. the group of funny people we met while wakeboarding- spending sunday in the sun with the people you love cant go wrong. margarita, our lyft driver who gave us gr8 recommendations on lake eola and cheap Japanese food. the two men who were caught shoplifting at 7-11 and the very brave cashier. And the bird whisperer at the park.

it is true ‘we are really alive when we listen to each other, to the silences of each other as well as to the words and what lies behind the words’ frederick buechner


sitting in grad with hummus, chips, wine and my favourite playlist of instrumentals on spotify and hello strange wave of familiarity

of nights in MTL with Ligia where we would have long, unrushed dinners followed by tea, while talking about her latest and sometimes odd couchsurfing requests from surfers. my first exposure to stories of romania, cuba and israel, first exposure to vegan food, of kindness so unrestrained, and couchsurfing.Ā i think she would have loved this song

isn’t it odd how sound and taste can bring you back to moments you can never, ever relive again?

this wine is too buttery……. im feeling prawns

on the train to montreal:

i feel really lucky, or blessed would be a better word. it’s like i’m traveling alone but i’m never alone. this trip has been a littleĀ crazy, and it’s crazy how easy it is to share your entire life with strangers you are meeting only for a moment?! learning more about things i have 0 knowledge about that affects the lives of others every single day. but underneath it all, it scares me that i am getting so comfortable with doing seemingly nothing. it’s like i could really retire right now and spend all my days like this. which is scary. 2 more days in canada!!!Ā i hope one day i have the chance to come back again

living in grad isn’t the most convenient, but today i am so grateful we have a kitchen!! and also a common area so i can hide my room’s mess from everyone. but serIOUSLY i can’t imagine how sad i would be every night if i had to walk down a hallway just to boil water/ cook random shit or if i had to share this kitchen with ten other people.. feel quite bad that sy has to listen to me n my noise in the kitchen every nightĀ buuut too badĀ and after eating my second dinner of black pepper rice and depleting my snack stash i am finally happy n ready to finish my assignment…. šŸ˜€


Last night we surprise skyped these peopleĀ and sat through tech class, and it made me so so so happy šŸ™‚Ā didn’t realise that i missed de and these people so much, and i am so grateful we met la omg through all the rage and tears and madness together :’) looking at these screenshots make me smile everytime ahahah LOLĀ @ our joy/ shock while watching tech HAHAHAH damn drama i can’t….. but also can’t wait to be back and dancing tgt for tnw again altho will probably suck aft so many mths of not dancing… šŸ™‚