so weary from feeling so deeply

n words





does one miss a person or an event, or the memory of it?

still have so much to be grateful for

christmas is coming
used to spend every easter and christmas weekend at church but-
& rmb christmas last yr when rachael and i chanced upon a grp of young buskers while walking around myeongdong at midnight like w0w n they turned out to be busking for Christ n w0w x2

oh lordy at a heavier than heaviest weight rn…….
maybe camp next week will help but lel who am i kidding

last!! paper!! tmr!!!! wew may we do lky proud lelelel

the love of God, threaded in and through all things, beckons to us, touching our hearts and encouraging us to keep on seeking, asking, knocking

off guard. so that at least for the moment i may be startled into seeing that You are here in all Your splendor, always and everywhere, barely hidden, beneath, beyond, within this life i breathe

first in my heart

probably won’t be anytime soon, but one day i’ll be there too spamming musicals and plays….. if it is what You will
i hope it is

Thou my best thought by day or by night,
waking or sleeping Thy presence my light

am a lazy ass friend who puts in a 100% less as compared to four years ago.
i don’t even know??????/?
how to tell between what matters and what doesn’t anymore
all but empty words- in the end i’m still living for me, not everyone else.