met some rly nice n cool people during this trip, and many firsts!! like trekking in slippers, jumping n sliding down waterfalls, swimming in a lagoooon huhu, TOUCHING A CAT (actually the cat touched me lol but), climbing a mountain! in the dark…. hopefully nvr have to do that again, sleeping in public places and vERY AWKWARD massages. so thankful to God for protection throughout,Ā and for all the little blessings along the way šŸ™‚



through new lenses

a few conversations in bali left me feeling burdened n pretty heavy hearted.Ā reminded about what a privilege it is to be able to travel, to be able to spend $8 on a burrito bowl without thinking twice, to pay for the services of othersĀ and even tip them..?

today i caught up with KJ who asked if while doing this work, i wonder/ askĀ where God is and why He let some things happen to others. i said i didn’t, but i think i lied.

what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer

have we trials and temptations?
is there trouble anywhere?Ā 
we should never be discouraged – take it to the Lord in prayer

can we find a friend so faithful?
who will all our sorrows share
Jesus knows our every weakness – so take it to the Lord in prayer

may my heart grow to be a little more like Yours each day.
may it be burdened for the people You love, may it drive me to action and service, and i pray You sustain me – only with Your grace and love.

off the mountain

the me today feelsĀ like a completely different person from the me a few weeks ago, and today i am grateful. spent much time worrying, stressing out, complaining and being just very negative, but thank God, thank God for bringing me through. In these 10 weeks I learnt patience and acceptance. I learnt that our judgments of others are never accurate – there is always another layer waiting to be peeled. I learnt about myself, about the things i can and cannot accept, about whatĀ gets to me and what makes my soul feel alive. I learnt to reflect, and not react. I learnt that a multi-disciplinary team sounds nice and ideal, but in reality, a good team with passionate individuals from different professional backgrounds = heated discussions, dilemmas, tension, and frustration (but i still believe they areĀ useful and needed). I learnt to be grounded, and learnt that it is not only the ‘doing’ that is meaningful. I learnt to be thick skinned, and not to take rejection personally. I learnt that people will always ask what social work is about and what i am doing, but at this moment i still cannot and am unwilling to give an answer that will help another understand. I learnt to depend on God at work, learnt to place what really matters to me in His hands, and learnt to seek only His approval. I learnt about death, acceptance, illness.. and about the strength of the human spirit. I learnt the importance of processing and looking inward constantly and intentionally, and learnt that the journey of becoming and discovering has to be done alone sometimes. I learnt that there are no right answers and no right methods, and the ability to accept uncertainty and imperfection will help in this journey. I think this setting was confusing for a student still learning about the profession, but this also made it even more important to hold onto social work values and ethics. And atĀ the end of the day, it doesnt matter if you are accepted or liked, respected or remembered. It is worth it when you see increased quality of life in another, and worth it when you see change in another. but as we all know, life is messy and change is both hard and slow. even if these all do not happen, it is still worth it. like this thing sw shared:

you will see people at their worst
and their best
you will never cease to be amazed
at peopleā€™s capacity for
love, courage, and endurance
you will see life begin

and it is these small momentsĀ that make the journey.

my sup said today that “things can be different because of us”, and i think it is true. although i have also learnt that we are limited and can only do so little, i do believe we can do something.

andĀ there is no shame in vulnerability,
no shame in failure and in making mistakes
there is no shame in being content, in being ok with who you are and where you are at this moment
there is no shame in feelingĀ ‘not there yet’, or lost, or discouraged, or alone

‘and miles to go before i sleep’

weekend: char siew! siu yuk! 35 degs!

never in my life have i eaten so much meat…. but the best roast goose duck chicken EVERYTHING at Kam’s Roast Goose!! best!! also went to lkf lOL not everyday you get 3 generations drinking tgt hurhur. Sat was a horrible day – walked for 2 hours in 35deg heat and 85% humidity erm……. but o well it was nice reuniting with the auntie although we all gained weight from this weekend…………..

last 3 days and suddenly it seems like there is so much to do n so little time lol… the irony. think i went a little overboard with the ‘last week of placement so must celebrate!!’, and erm haven’t done quite alot of work LOL 2 days left to chiong letS GO.

hydronephrosis, something to learn each day.

les mis was q meh but themes of redemption love forgiveness justice and guilt still came through and… ya

oh god already in holiday mood RN… i am a horrible student/ worker

how is it that i am living in complete comfort and at the same time there are others fighting for their lives and journeying idk how many miles to seek asylum ughhhhofiafdsjkmawlf



pretended to be zong’s parents LEL and ttly fit into the kiasu proud parent role

jb b4 sch started which was so boring bcos we weren’t allowed to go out of the stupid mall…


impromptu trip to manila where i learnt more abt my family than in the last 20 yrs. always feel especially happy when three generations go on holiday tgt šŸ™‚ and also a v bad hair day LOL. but so amazing how every trip i’ve gone on this summerĀ brings my heart even closer to whr i shd be :’)

hc’s 21st took 10000 photos but we all look so ugly in all of them………… plopz.

making the most out of tang village b4 wen flies šŸ˜¦

sob how did three months pass so quickly šŸ˜„ so much catching up to do this semester!!! can’t believe this is really happening… .. ……. but excited!!! ok bye

in a week:

went to town on a PH braving both the crowd and the rain expecting salted egg pork ribs butĀ NO it was cLOSED šŸ˜„

but at least we went to this romantic place lololollers

joy also came back woooo and also celebrated wenqi’s bday and am also back to having one job again…

my amazing planning skillz brought us here: free parking + running errands + food all in an hr clapsthxbows

also gordon’s comms ball lul

hahahAHAHA best photo of the night but looks like we were attending a wedding dinner…………

and brought the kids to the natl history museum woooo kind of missed being around kids like quite a bit…….


and also went back for tech class!!
which was fun

why am i telling you all this?/?/????
I don’t have anything important to do with my life rn weEeeEeeE
sToRy of mY lYfEeEeeE

oh also found something really interesting…..
I have a saddle bone deformity.


ok bye LOL

post-phuket unemployment


visited joyce at work, got free cakes and a new job LOL yes finally gonna work when sch’s reopening in less than a mth….


aggie’s farewell… šŸ˜¦ also the day coach went mad LOL

rly good matcha chiffon from dulcet & studio!!! so good!!!! try it!!!!!
dying basil šŸ˜¦

also finally made pesto!!! learnt: dont b greedi with the cheese & pesto is expensive šŸ˜¦


justina’s 21st šŸ™‚

lunch @ maymay with hannah!!!!! rly liked this place!!! the brown thingy in the left bowl is fried TOFU tasted abit weird at first but it was NICE!!! and pork belly was NICE too!!! nice staff and nice place too!!! NICE!!!Ā happy!!!!

LOL damn act @ group therapy cos couldnt find a toilet elsewhere…

went for pei en’s convocation!!! never really understood why graduating from uni was such a big deal but now i do!!! so excited for the many more convocations (&Ā my own LOL altho i kinda wanna stay in schĀ forever….. but 4k/sem!!!) ahead!!!!

fennel sausage + pancetta + mozzarella *.*

super happy day cos so much good food!!! super love pizzeria mozza cos staff are super nice and thoughtful and friendly and LOVE the chewy crunchy crust and the FENNEL SAUSAGE!!! idek what that is and it tastes abit odd at first but its so yummyyyyy omg there’s another pizza with fennel sausage and scallions that’s quite nice also but THIS ONE is so ~YUMMYYYYYYY~!!! the dessert was quite ~meh~ + jelat aft awhile just get the FENNEL SAUSAGE PIZZA!!!!!!!

all creds to my auntie who introduced me to pizzeria mozzaaaaa wheeeee loveeeee

IMG_1254IMG_1258FullSizeRender 7

AND caught singing in the rain!!! which was so good!!!! brought back memories of.. me singing in crescent LOL and couldn’t stop smiling throughout the show they had such good showmanship!!! was in the ‘splash zone’ so they gave us ponchos LOL damn cute + wasĀ so funny to see everyone getting their ponchos ready when the lightning/ thunder came BAHAHAHA omg loved it so much i spent the night googling abt it LOL i think the last time i did sth like that was for Wicked…… omg wish i cld watch it again…!!

woke up at 330 todayĀ LOL #bumlyfe but anyway went to the geylang serai bazaar with monzac which was… so crowded and bad ventilation!!! BUT!!!!!!!!!! bahahahhaha so happy about this because the stupid queue was so longĀ but super kind owner let us try these!!!!! no queue + free + the 2 flavors i wanted to try!!! BAHAHAHA thank God for kind people everywhere!!!!!

4 more days of #bumlyfe…. šŸ˜¦ omg summerĀ really rocks how do people adapt to working life after uni :-(………